The Beckman Bunch


My childhood was wonderful. My mom (Rose) and dad (Floyd) were thoughtful and loving parents. Dad was a truck driver and mom stayed at home to care for her nine children. They both were hard working and very stable and we weren’t rich with material things but we were rich with love. My parents were amazingly thoughtful and always fair and taught us those precious values.

I was privileged to grow up with Judy, Jean, Jim, Joan, Mick, Deb, Vikke and Mary. Life was not easy for my parents having nine children but somehow they found some sort of balance to provide us with a beautiful life. We siblings fought like crazy growing up but always forgave each other. We still fight once in a while but by the end of the day, we are friends again.

I remember feeling bad that we never got to buy store bought cookies because my Mom always baked homemade cookies. What was I thinking? My Mom is still showing her presence often because my sisters bake cookies and desserts using her recipes.

One of my favorite memories was staying up all night with my brothers and sisters on Christmas Eve counting the minutes before we could go downstairs to see our presents under the Christmas tree. That night was always the longest night of the year but worth the wait.

I think the greatest gift my parents gave to us was love, compassion and honesty. Thank you Mom and Dad. I miss you.


5 thoughts on “The Beckman Bunch

  1. Tami and Unknown,

    Thank you for your beautiful comments. My Mom always made special treats for us, like caramel corn and cookies.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Tami, I think about your sister Cyndi a lot. She may be gone but not forgotten.


  2. I remember stopping at your folks house one time with my sister Cyndi and you all were making homemade caramel corn in the largest roasting pan I had ever seen. I remember thinking “wow I want to live here”. Sending beautiful healing vibes your way Rosemary.
    Tami Lough-Johansen

  3. Your mom was amazing….and a mom to many at Central Elementary! I have loved hearing many stories about your family. I especially loved the one about all of you picking dandelions on the causeway!

    The celebration of your mom being Mother of the Year at Prince of Peace will be a forever memory for mayself and many others!

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