Budgeting Is A Must Do

Dave Ramsey has been a name known in our home for many years. I first heard Dave Ramsey speak on the radio about 10 years ago as I was heading to visit a client of mine at Lakeshore Credit Union. Dave caught my attention because he was talking about Real Estate and that was the business I was in while working at Transnation Title. Soon after hearing Dave, I would tune into his radio station on my way home from work every day. Our kids would get so sick of hearing about Dave Ramsey and hated to listen to his radio talk show which happened to be on the radio on our car ride home from school.

Dave’s knowledge was fascinating to me because he was a budget guy and I loved budgets. Mark and I have always been pretty good at budgeting our money but after listening to Dave Ramsey, we increased our knowledge by reading his books, listening to his pod casts and following his suggestions. I have never had an idol but one time I went to a Dave Ramsey book signing in Grand Rapids and always wanted to go to one of his seminars but never made it.

Dave’s ways are simple common sense stuff about finances and anyone can follow his ideas without spending a dime because the radio and internet are free, although his books and CD’s cost money, they are worth the value. Mark and I have found the “financial peace” we were looking for with Dave’s ideas and guidance. We were able to simplified our finances, increased our giving, help our kids with college, become debt free and save money. We also learned about buying life, car and house insurance in one of his books.

I think budgeting is a must do for everyone, even if you are rich.


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