College Roommate Reunion

I am so blessed!

Jill Verhulst, one of my best friends from high school and college, set up a reunion in Mt. Pleasant with our Central Michigan University college roommates. My old roommates Lois Cifaldi and Julie Anderson, who live near the Detroit area, traveled to Mt. Pleasant on a snowy April day to meet us. I have not seen Lois in over 15 years and Julie in eight years.

We had so much fun remembering great times together and exploring our old CMU stomping grounds. We visited Trout Dorm where we all met and lived. Jill knocked on the door of our actual dorm room and a girl invited us in to look around. Since it was cold and raining outside, we didn’t walk around campus but we did visit the large athletic center called the Rose Center where we all spent a lot of time and Julie competed as a gymnast on the CMU gymnastics team. Also, missing from the picture above is roommate and gymnast JacLynn Vealey who was not able to meet on this day because she lives in Colorado.

The four of us drove around campus to look for our apartment where we all lived together after life in Trout Dorm. Oddly, we couldn’t find the apartment where we lived. Since we left CMU in the late 70’s, things have changed and more apartments have been built around our old apartment. The strange thing is, none of us could pick out our old apartment building. Oh well, we still have fond memories.

Since JacLynn was not able to attend our little reunion, I thought I would still include her with a picture that was taken in October. Mark and I visited Jackie and went hiking with her near her hometown of Firestone, Colorado.

Thank you Jill, Lois and Julie for a great reunion. I loved our day together.


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