Funny Family Moments (Part 1)

Our grandson Cole was potty training and walked into the bathroom while Mark was using it and clapped his hands together and said, “Good job, Grandpa!”

Shortly after Corey started walking his vocabulary was rather advanced for such a little toddler. Mark would pick the kids up from our babysitter Linda Griffin’s house just before dinnertime and one day Mark was in the kitchen cooking dinner and Corey waddled up to a cabinet in our dining room, reached up above his head, opened the drawer, felt around a little and slammed it shut saying, “God dammit!” and waddled off. Even though Corey’s vocabulary was advanced, I think we have to credit Linda Griffin for his potty mouth. Even though Linda had an “advanced vocabulary” herself, she was the best babysitter any parent could ask for.

One year for Chad’s 8th birthday we bought him a little camera. His birthday is on December 22nd, right before Christmas. He wrote Santa a letter that said, “Santa, could you please take a picture of yourself with my new camera?” I think Chad needed some proof.

Bryan was about two years old and walked into the bathroom while Mark was shaving. He looked up at Mark and said, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Now every time Mark has shaving cream all over his face I think of Santa and Bryan.


2 thoughts on “Funny Family Moments (Part 1)

  1. Love the moments for they fleet by quickly. So hysterically funny. Did Chad ever get his picture? I will have to ask to see it if he did!

    Thanks for letting me know of the blog.

  2. lol, why do I get the feeling Chad always needs a little proof. I see he's always been that way. I love reading your stories Rosemary, they give me a little lift for the day. I hope you have a beautiful day. Devin

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