Mark and I In The Beginning (Part III)

My camping trip to Baltimore with Mark’s parents and Aunt Terry was so much fun even though Mark had to be in the hospital for a few days after getting his tonsils out. Now remember, I didn’t know Mark’s family very well when we started on this trip but we soon became good friends and I immediately fell in love with his Mom, Dad and Aunt.

After hearing Mark was getting released from the hospital, we packed up the camper and picked up Mark from the hospital and headed towards Muskegon. Both Mark and I were on cloud nine because we were in love. On our way home Mark never complained of being in pain and acted normal.

The first few days we were back in Muskegon Mark and I saw each other a lot. One evening we decided to go out to Lake Michigan with a bottle of champagne to watch the sunset. We were sitting on a blanket, toasting with champagne and Mark took a drink. Now remember he had just gotten his tonsils out a few days before. The minute those champagne bubbles hit his throat he was in instant pain. He spit the champagne out onto the sand and kept his cool. Champagne was not a good idea.

The next day I thought I would impress Mark with my cooking skills so I made him soft shell tacos. I sort of burnt the shell while cooking it. Mark ate my crunchy taco’s with no problem and left to go home for the night. He ended up in the emergency room because his throat started bleeding. Let’s just say my cooking skills have not improved over the years but he accepted it and starting doing the cooking for our family.

A few days later Mark healed from his hemorrhaged throat and we went back to Lake Michigan. His leave was almost over and he would be heading back to Baltimore and I had to head back to Mount Pleasant to finish my senior year of college. We were trying to figure out how we could tolerate being apart from each other. We kept saying, “What are we going to do?” and then Mark said, “How about if we get married?” I said, “Yes!” and in November of 1978 we were married.

You may think we were nuts to get married after only knowing each other for a short time, but I just knew Mark was the right one for me and have never questioned my decision. In November we will celebrate 35 years of our amazing life together.

Mark, I love you more today than I did back in 1977 and I didn’t think it was possible.


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