My Dad’s Moments


Lucky for me, my life started out great because I grew up in a loving home. I am so appreciative that my parents provided me with stability and balance.

My Dad was kind, gentle, honest and generous. He loved to laugh and he wasn’t afraid to laugh at himself. Today, I can still hear his precious laugh. Because of my dad’ great sense of humor, I would like to share some of his moments that we called “Floyd Moments.”

  • One sleepy morning, my dad woke up and accidentally put on mom’s glasses without noticing. He went about his business only to discover his own glasses on mom’s face.
  • Dad was having surgery and was instructed by the doctors to take a laxative the day before his surgery. He had the date mixed up and took the laxative two days before his surgery. He laughed when he found out and had to repeat the medicine the following day.
  • Dad went to the car auction for the first time to purchase a car. He came home with a two-door green Plymouth. What was he thinking with nine children? He said to my mother, “I just raised my hand.” Mom shook her head, turned around and walked into the house without saying a word.
  • When we were young, my dad used to make us go down to the Causeway and pick dandelions so that he could make dandelion wine. We tried to pick fast so that we could get out of there. We wanted to put our picking bags over our heads so that our friends would not see us.
  • Dad was a practical man. Before he would throw shoes away, he would repair the soles several times. Once he even spray painted the kids’ green Impala. He painted the car gray and it was forever known as the “Gray Ghost.”

“You taught us how to laugh, what a time, what a time. You never said too much but still you showed the way. And I learned from watching you.” 

David Gates

My dad died March 2, 2002.

Happy Father’s Day, dad! See you in the funny paper.


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