Corey’s Exciting Piece of History

The Supreme Court approved gay marriage in California last week and our son Corey had the honor and privilege to witness many marriages at San Francisco City Hall, including one with a couple who had been together for 34 years.

Afterward, Corey wrote on Facebook, “Today, after 34 years together, Gordon and Martin were finally allowed to get married and I was lucky enough to be their witness. It’s truly an exciting day in California.”

In the first few days that marriage was legal in California, Corey’s partner Bevan Dufty performed dozens of weddings all over City Hall.

Instead of saying, “I now pronounce you man and wife.”, the ceremony ends with “I now pronounce you partners for life.”

Corey said that he and Bevan were there for hours on Friday night and made an efficient witness and officiant duo.

I hope Corey is able to get married and raise his own children someday because love is the greatest gift anyone can give or receive and he will be an awesome dad.


4 thoughts on “Corey’s Exciting Piece of History

  1. Love Corey and I too believe he will make a wonderful Dad someday. Love you all

    Jeannie McCully Ferguson

  2. I have been following Corey on Twitter for a while. His tweets on that historic day were especially moving, had me in tears. It was great to have his inside perspective. You have a very special son, with a gift of communication.
    (My son Kyle works at Square, I'm @squaremum)

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