Photography with Katherine

Most of you probably know that I love photography and carry my camera to most of the events we attend. When I was young I loved taking pictures even though I didn’t have a very good camera. Thankfully, within the last 10 years I was able to purchase a few great cameras. One of the best things about my love for photography is that Mark has always encouraged me to take pictures and always made sure my camera lens was clean and ready to go.

To me the best part of photography is to be able to share a beautiful picture of someone, especially if they never get their picture taken.

Last week, Katherine Salisz asked if I would teach her a few photography skills and I was honored. Katherine, her Mom Sheila and I headed out to Lost Lake by Snug Harbor in North Muskegon to find some great photo spots. We spent about three hours taking our time photographing flowers, mushrooms, frogs, leaves, stumps, butterflies and each other.

Katherine is going to be a great photographer because she isn’t afraid to go the distance for the shot. Pictured above is Katherine wading in the mucky waters of Lost Lake to get the perfect shot of the beautiful lily pads.

My favorite photo of the day is a picture Katherine took of a frog.

During our photo shoot we had a great conversation about giving to others to help us deal with difficulties in our lives. I have learned so much from listening to others, both young and old, tell me their secrets to coping with difficulties in life because unfortunately we all have them.

I loved this day with Katherine and her mom Sheila.

Katherine, thank you for asking me to be your teacher.


4 thoughts on “Photography with Katherine

  1. Beautiful post, beautiful pictures, wonderful writing by a precious person. Thanks for sharing your gifts, Rosemary!

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