Wine Time Without Wine

This week Mark and I are enjoying having our family in town from Florida.

Last Tuesday, after a busy day of touring the USS Silversides, visiting cousins, going to the candy store, tubing behind the boat, golfing, playing tennis and ending our day with a 30th birthday dinner for my son-in-law Chris, we were all pretty tired. We decided to end our busy day with Wine Time but without the wine. All sixteen of us gathered in our living room, lit two candles and turned off the lights. I asked my grandson Peyton to explain Wine Time to everyone. I think Peyton is going to become a great public speaker when he grows up because he explained Wine Time like a pro.

The first question that was asked was, “What was the best part of your day or week?”

These were some of the responses.

Peyton (Grandson): “The best part of my day was spending time with all of you.”

Anouk (Niece): “The best part of my day was Wine Time.”

Luz (Brother-In-Law): “Playing tennis with Corey.”

Mark: “The best part of my day was watching Skylar and Landon fall off the tube while being pulled by the boat.”

The last question that was asked was, “If you could wish for anything, what would it be?”

Billy (Nephew): “I would like to take us all on a month-long vacation.”

Deb (Sister-In-Law): “I would wish for a cure for ALS.”

Patti (Sister-In-Law): “I would wish for time to stand still. (While we’re all on our month long vacation.)”

Landon (Great Nephew): “I wish I could build robots.”

Cole (Grandson): “I wish I could become a Scientist someday.”

Luz (Brother-In-Law): “I wish I could see and talk to my deceased mom again.”

I think this was one of the best Wine Times I have ever experienced because everyone was able to participate in a somewhat quiet setting with lots of sincerity and lots of laughter.

And it’s fun celebrating Wine Time with little kids because they are the best dreamers of all and the silliest.


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