Trying To Protect Our Babies

These four little Cygnet’s, also known as baby swans, remind me of Chad, Kelly, Corey and Bryan. I feel like the momma swan trying to protect her babies from hurt and harm. I only wish I could.


1 thought on “Trying To Protect Our Babies

  1. Sitting on the doc one morning in Michigan, I saw a Duck swimming with three little ones behind her and it made me think of my own. Another morning i saw another duck, with one litle one, a bit older though, the little one was dunking his head and throwing it in the air and then started opening his mouth up almost as if he was talking back to her and mom looked like she was just trying to pull him back on track. I started laughing because i call my youngest my duck. I think God shows us things as a little reminder of what's important.

    Love Devin

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