My Weeping Willow

Our thoughtful nephew Billy and his wife Anouk gifted us with my favorite tree, a Weeping Willow. Since we live in a condo and don’t have a yard of our own, we decided to plant the tree near Lost Lake, one of my favorite hiking trails.

On Saturday morning 18 people plus Pongo met at Snug Harbor and hiked out to Lost Lake pulling the tree in a wagon. We picked a perfect spot near the lake and everyone helped dig the hole for the tree.

Mark’s sister Patti brought colorful ribbons to tie onto the tree prior to standing it up into the hole.

After the tree was planted we all gathered in a circle around the tree and talked about how thankful we were to be together.

I have always wanted a Weeping Willow tree and now I have a beautiful one with so much meaning.

Thank you Billy, Anouk, Landon and Skylar. We will visit our tree often and think of you guys with love.


3 thoughts on “My Weeping Willow

  1. this was a great idea!! One of my favorite trees too. We use to have one in our front yard and mom had dad pull it out long ago because she though they are too messy. I wish it was still there! I think they are beautiful trees and so graceful!

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