My Face Plant


On Friday night we went to Parties in the Park in Hackley Park to meet up with family and friends. Toward the end of the evening I decided to sit on the ground to join the circle of my kids, nieces and nephews. I lowered my knees successfully to the ground but as I put my hands on the ground, my arms gave out and planted my face into the ground right into the middle of the circle, breaking my glasses and scraping my face. As I lay with my head on the ground, I could not pick my body up because my arms were too weak. I was a little surprised by my weakness. How could I not pick my body up from the ground? I know I have always had weak and skinny arms but how come I didn’t know I could no longer pick myself up?

With my family circled around me, it wasn’t long before they realized I wasn’t getting up. Maybe they thought I was too embarrassed, which I was a little. Several people picked me up to see that my glasses were mangled and I had a big cut on my face and then I began to cry. I really wasn’t in pain but I would have preferred that my loved ones didn’t know how weak I had gotten. After a few minutes of composing myself, we all started to laugh.

This is my new life and I need to learn to laugh at myself more often.


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