Things I’ve Realized


My body is getting weaker and my muscles twitch, which feels like I have twinkling lights inside my whole body. As I learn how to live with this disease, these are some of the things I’ve realized:

  • I can’t run but I can still walk.
  • My speech is slow and I slur my words but I have patient people to listen to me.
  • My arms are weak but I can still hug.
  • I can no longer drive but I have great chauffeurs.
  • I can’t ride a bike but I love to see others get out and do it.
  • My handwriting is getting shaky but I can still type.
  • My right hand is starting to curl but I can still hold hands.
  • I can’t dry my hair but I have Mark to help me.
  • I can’t shave my legs perfectly anymore but I can still shave them if I sit down in the shower.
  • I can’t cook but I didn’t like to anyway.
  • I can’t clean the bathroom very well but I can still do laundry which is my favorite household chore to do.
  • I still cry a lot but I am getting stronger mentally, some days.

Every time I get really sad or feel sorry for myself, I cry for a little while, but it doesn’t take me long to find another reason to smile.

15 thoughts on “Things I’ve Realized

  1. you are such an inspiration rosemary. I love reading your blog. You are such an amazing woman. You have such a way about you that i find so conforting. The mom you are, the wife you have been, the friend you are to so many. I feel blessed to know you.

    Love Devin

  2. I enjoy reading the wonderful comments as well as the things you are sharing with us. Just proves that you have a huge loving and supportive following. It is ok to cry and have “moments” of “gray”. The sun will shine when you are through. It is so healthy to find a thanks within every challenge. Not everyone can do that. God Bless my beautiful friend. Jill V.

  3. Rosemary,
    One of the things I continue to realize is that you are an amazing lady and pass on your true goodness to your family and so many people lucky enough to be in your life. At 2 am last Saturday night standing looking at Muskegon Lake, I heard my mom talk to your nephew about all of the true friendship moments she has shared with you over the past few years. To see the sparkle in my mom's eyes when she told stories was just contagious. I felt like crying and laughing at the same time. I have to tell you that some of the most memorable of times in my life have been spent with you and your family. The reason I think is that the Lambert Family has learned from their mom to love and live every person, moment, laugh, cry, day, cheers, sunset, walk, and hug. You give great joy. My mom and my family and I are grateful for you as a person. Mark S

  4. Rosemary…Your thoughts and words in “Things I've Realized” are so inspirational, beautiful and perfect…We love you and have you in our daily thoughts and prayers. John Arter

  5. you are so strong and so brave…I wish I were there to give you a hug.. Keep fighting and enjoying the things in life that give you pleasure!!

  6. Rosemary, you are so brave. Although it is our human condition that causes our mind and heart to wander away from His presence at times…He is with you and will watch over you wherever you go.

  7. I so enjoy keeping up with you on your site Rosemary. Your attitude is awesome —– if only that were the healing power! Prayers for you and your family —- love you all!


  8. Good for you Rosemary….everyday is gonna be a new challenge…..I appreciate you sharing them with us as we no nothing about what you are experiencing ….just keep writing and we will just keep reading….thanks….bless you

  9. While following your blog for just a short time, I sense a spiritual strength within you, Rosemary, that many of us could not match. My prayers continue for you, Mark & your crew! Oh, and what marvelous hugs you give! Love & Peace.

  10. rosemary,Just wanted you to know I enjoy reading your blog and to let you k ow you are in our thoughts and prayers!Thinking of you Take are luv Emil and Sandi

  11. We have been following your blog. You give encouragement to all and it is our honor to have you as our cousin. We love you Don & Ellie

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