My Beautiful Sisters


I have been gifted with many sisters, some biological and some that have come into my life through marriage. All of my sisters have very different personalities which have filled my life with variety and fun. We love each other and sometimes we fight with one another, but I appreciate the color they’ve added to my world.

In the past few years I started missing my sisters so much that I began making up fun reasons to get together, which we called “The Sisters Weekends.” The first “Sister Weekend” took place two years ago in Chicago. Chicago is a great city to visit anyway, but having my sisters with me made it perfect. I think it was the first time we all felt like we were on the same playing field. My oldest sister Judy is 18 years older than my youngest sister Mary but on our Chicago weekend age didn’t matter. We experienced a beautiful bond that was long overdue and for the first time since we all lived together in that tiny house on Horton Road we were together reminiscing about our childhood and laughing until we cried. (Vikke, thanks for providing most of the laughs.) We didn’t fight that weekend. We just loved each other. Life has been so wonderfully busy for all of us but we all found a weekend we could share together and I loved every minute of it.


This past month I was lucky enough to have a slumber party with each set of my sisters, which was great medicine for me.

Dear Judy, Jean, Joan, Deb, Vikke, Mary, Janet, Deb, Vicki, Patti and the rest of my “sisters,”

Thank you for the different gifts you have shared with me. I feel so lucky to have all of you in my life. I love you all more than you know and am grateful for you.

Your sister,



I think if sisters were all different flowers from the same garden, my garden would be the most beautiful of all.


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