Beautiful Comments


I love all of the precious comments that have been posted on this blog. I read and reread them and truly feel their love and kindness. They’re a wonderful gift to me.

My son Corey got on my case about not responding to them. I’m sorry I have not responded to many comments but I feel if I start responding to a few now, I should go back to the beginning and respond to all.

Please know that I am grateful.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Comments

  1. Rosemary,
    Jill said it well. I would just like to add that the ‘like’ button is appreciated. Not all of us have your writing ability, and it is an easy way to acknowledge that we read and liked your post. Thank you!

  2. It is a beautiful gift to all of us Rosemary, that you have taken the time to share all of your beautiful memories, thoughts, and love with us. We truly enjoy reading about what is and has been important to you in your life. We haven’t always responded to your postings, yet know that we cherish them and do have precious and loving thoughts about them. Our thoughts and prayers remain with you and your beautiful family. Jill V.

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