The Gift of Writing


I was talking with Kelly last week and she mentioned that the stories on my blog will be great for her kids to read when they get older. I was thinking about that the next day when I received a beautiful email from Mary Fritz, my friend and a teacher at Muskegon Catholic Central, who wrote that she wished her husband Charlie’s sister would have left the gift of her writing to her loved ones.

Dear Rosemary,

I have been reading your blog with interest, affection, sadness, laughter, joy, and awe all spring and summer. As Sally Pallas put it so well, our acquaintance with one another has been casual and random – I have known you through the MCC family, and I have known your children – some better than others – but our busy lives got in the way of getting to know you better – something I always meant to do. Now your beautifully written blog has allowed me to do just that.

I am sure you know that in 2006 we lost Charlie’s sister to cervical cancer, after losing her husband to ALS in 2001, and that we inherited her two children.  As I have been reading your blog, I have been struck over and over again by the thought that I so wish that Peggy had thought to – been able to – write something like this. It would be so wonderful for Paul or Jessica or any of us to be able to sit down today at the computer and hear from her again – in her words, in her voice.  Of course I think of her often – I always will – but it would have been so nice to have something like this to bring her back to us in a more tangible way for even a few minutes.

This blog has already been a priceless gift to all of us with whom you have shared it. As the years go by it will become a treasure beyond measure to all who love you.

God bless you, keep up the good fight.

Mary Fritz

The more I write, whether it is happy, sad, funny or a post with bad language, I hope my family and friends will someday look back on it and smile.


4 thoughts on “The Gift of Writing

  1. Thank you for sharing this letter! What a profound look at a “creative legacy” we can share with our family and friends. And thank you, Rosemary, for sharing your life, family, & friends, with us. We’ve never been connected with a “blog” before….You and your family are in our daily prayers and thoughts. Love, Phyllis and Ted

  2. Your writing is a true inspiration and such a gift. You have touched people like myself who would never have had the chance to learn about all of the inner beauty you possess, I could’ve went the rest of my sure life thinking you’re just a nice lady in a pretty face :) Now I see how genuine, compassionate, loving, and amazing Rosemary is! Of course your family already knew this, but what a gift to have your words to treasure always!

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