Unlikely Best Friends


We never know when we’ll meet our next best friend. Two friends of mine, Cindy Winsemius and Patti Peterson, met under difficult circumstances. Cindy was still reeling from her divorce from her husband Dick when she met Patti, his new fiancé. Although Dick and Cindy had been divorced for a quite a while and Dick and Patti had had a long courtship, Cindy was still a little sensitive about the situation.

After Dick and Patti married and meshed their households (and their seven kids) together, they hosted many family gatherings in which they were sure to include Cindy. Patti was always very sensitive to Cindy’s feelings and tried to make her feel welcome. As the years passed, Cindy came to accept Patti as her friend and not as someone trying to replace her and she recognized Patti’s value as a second mom to her four children.


Not long after Cindy and Patti became friends, Cindy was diagnosed with cancer. Immediately, Patti stepped up her friendship and helped take care of Cindy through her illness. Patti loved and cared for Cindy until the day she died and, in the end, Cindy told her family that Patti was her best friend.


“Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.”

Bill Watterson


5 thoughts on “Unlikely Best Friends

  1. I will always love this story of “unlikely best friends”. I miss Cindy and so enjoyed remembering through your pictures.

    Pam Geiger

  2. I knew Dick and Cindy when they were married. Mike (ex-hubby) coached two of their boys in Pony League baseball at Reeths-Puffer….we all spent many a summer together. Cindy and Dick were always there to support their boys. Cindy was one of the most positive that I have known….she was strong in her faith and had a heart of gold. Her cousin is my best friend. Cindy for me was an amazing woman in how she handled her Cancer. Seriously, she never complained and took everything that came her way with dignity, Faith and Grace. I have always admired her. I miss seeing her smiling face…..she was definitely one of God’s special people to me…….thanks for sharing this story Rosemary……this brought back a wonderful memory for me.

  3. I feel the same way about Abbie’s step mom. I think she (Lori) would do the same for me if anything were to happen to me. <3

  4. I grew up with Dick and knew Cindy from showing her houses…you never know where your blessings are going to come from do you? Great story!!!

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