The Chairiot Fundraiser


When Chip VanderWier gets an idea, he runs with it.

While driving home from the emergency room last Thursday, Kelly was checking Facebook and asked if we knew anything about Chip raising money for something called The Chairiot Project. Mark and I both looked at each other not knowing what to say.

Chip’s wife Colleen was at school when a colleague said she saw Chip’s Chairiot Project online. Colleen didn’t know anything about the fundraiser either.

On Friday, all of us asked Chip the same question: “What would you have done if we were upset about the fundraiser?”

Chip’s response was, “How can you be upset with people wanting to help?”

Our family would like to thank all of our relatives, friends and anonymous donors for the overwhelming amount of money that was raised. Our hearts are so filled by everything everyone is doing for us. Thank you.

I can assure you that your donations will not be wasted. Chip said he low-balled the cost of the chair so it may take a few more dollars to build than what was expected. Even though this isn’t my decision, my wish for any leftover dollars is to either build or buy another chair for my beautiful friend Heidi. Heidi and I both love nature, so maybe we can be hiking buddies even if we can’t walk through the trails on our own.


After I am no longer able to use my Chairiot, with the help of the VanderWier’s and my family, we will make sure it is donated to someone who loves the trails as much as I do.


5 thoughts on “The Chairiot Fundraiser

  1. What a wonderful idea!! Blessings on you, Chip, for initiating this project and “running with it!”
    Practical. Sturdy. Clever. Amazing. We are “cheering you on!!”

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