Warmth of Friends


When my friends Lucrezia Esteban and Jan Bialik found out I was sick last spring they visited one afternoon and brought me a beautiful gift called a prayer shawl. I had never seen a prayer shawl before and didn’t know what it was, but they explained that it was made prayerfully by women in their church for the purpose of reaching out to those that are in need of comfort and solace as  well as in celebration and joy. Many blessings are prayed into every stitch.


Another friend of mine, Rose Emmons, brought over a beautiful prayer shawl that she had made. Rose said when she starts crocheting a prayer shawl she doesn’t know who it is for but prays during every stitch until it is finished. When she finally finishes her beautiful artwork she knows who to give it to and I happened to be the lucky recipient.


I received another beautiful prayer shawl from Debbie, my brother-in-law Bruce’s sister, who lives in New Mexico. I’ve only met Debbie twice but she wanted to do something for me so she made me a beautiful shawl.


She also wrote me a note saying that while making this shawl she not only prayed but while crocheting with other women they talk about positive things. If someone says something negative while crocheting, she rips out those stitches and starts that section over. Fifteen other woman crocheted a section of my shawl.

These prayer shawls are all so soft and beautiful and I am awed by the sincerity they represent and the beauty of the women who made them. Please feel free to come over and cuddle with me and my family in the warmth of these loving shawls.


One thought on “Warmth of Friends

  1. Dear Rosemary,
    I just recently learned of your having ALS. I have just spent the past couple of hours reading your beautiful blog. I am amazed at your strength in staying so positive while fighting this horrible disease. Yet, if anyone could remain positive, it would be you. I think back to all the years you passed your books down to me and I passed mine down to you at MCC. It sure saved us some money, didn’t it? Mostly I remember you as the kind person with the smile always on her face. I remember your gentleness as well.

    You and Mark surely raised four beautiful children who all grew up to be wonderful adults. They have great parents to thank for that. Your strong faith in God and the fact that you both modelled a kind and generous way of living rubbed off on all of them.

    I pray that as this disease progresses that you are able to stay strong spiritually and trust that God has something even better in mind for you. Know that His love for you is far greater than any human love, and that no matter the sorrow that those on earth will one day have, God will take care of them because He has a special place prepared for you and would not call you to Him if He didn’t already have them covered.

    Please, please let me know if there is anything Joe and I can do for you. We want to help.

    Liz Zagar

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