Throughout my life I’ve never been plagued by jealousy or envy. The types of things that I wished I possessed were always talents like being able to dance or sing or speak well in public. But as far as material things go, I’ve always had more than I ever wanted or needed.

Today I am having a few twinges of jealousy and envy whenever I see someone riding a bicycle or walking or running. As Mark and I walked through the woods last week he was hanging onto my arm so I wouldn’t fall. He’s nervous to let me walk on my own now because of what happened last month, so he holds onto my arm. That afternoon I started crying and said I missed him holding onto my hand, so he immediately took my hand and we walked carefully through the woods and it was wonderful.

I guess I don’t really have much to be jealous about after all.


11 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. Rosemary,

    I love reading your posts. I just have to say that I have felt like you do with the impending surgery and then hoping it will work. If it doesn’t well we will go from there. I do not in anyway compare what I am going through to what you are.

    I know the one time I was so embarrassed and it made me feel like I was an idiot was the time they mistook me, because I took the flight so badly accompanying Darci over to Cancer Treatment Centers of America ~~and they thought I was the patient. That moment I actually wished I was but Darci rolled her eyes since they looked at me and assumed that I was the patient. Actually because they kept insisting I was the patient (I was in a wheelchair).

    But no matter what you and I will ever go through we have family. I was never so educated to the people who have no one as when I went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I was dumbfounded (not unusual) for this realization. Then, most truly and genuinely thankful for the family and friends I had upon coming back from there.

    Not because of cancer, it was that many people have no one. No one to sit at their side ~~ ever! Then, I think I have it all. I know you do too.

    Listen if Mark will help you with nylons I bet he was relieved when all you needed was him holding your hand! That blog had me laughing until tears ran down my cheeks from laughing. I could not imagine Ron helping me and it made me hysterically laugh thinking I was able to talk him into it. Boy that would have settled a lot of debt between us. What a joyfully hilarious blog that one was.

    The reading I think on Tuesday, October 2nd spoke of our guardian angel and how absolutely blessed we all are to have a special angel meant to help us on our journey on this earth. I do not say my Guardian Angel prayers enough, nor for my family ~~ children and grand children’s or friends and call to each of their guardian angels enough. I will be praying that yours comforts you greatly in this time.

    I will let you know that when I am holding my grandchildren I sit and say the rosary for Darci and you.

    Love You My Friend, Jeannie
    I am truly blessed to call you my friend.

  2. Rosemary, thank you for your postings, especially this one. Yes, I am weeping as I write this.
    It’s wonderful that you expressed yourself, and Mark responded. Glad you are walking-in-the-woods together!! :-)

  3. Ah…that brought tears to my eyes too…. I loved what Linda said ..those words are so true…

    Love you both and I’m so grateful you have that wonderful love for each other..

  4. brought tears to my eyes, you two have the kind of love we all want and many go a lifetime never experiencing, that is the greatest song there is, so see you can sing! And when you walk holding hands…the best public speech there is!

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