Happy 31st Birthday, Kelly

Scan 23

Today I’d like to celebrate you, Kelly. And since you can’t be with everyone you love on your special day, I’d like to bring them to you.

First of all, Tucker misses you terribly.


But I think he’s glad Chris can be with you in Chicago today to help you celebrate.


Chad, Devin, Cole and Peyton in Dallas are wishing you a happy birthday, too.


And so are Chris’ parents in Arizona.


And Natalie and Josh in Arizona.


And Thais in Brazil.


And Corey and Bevan in San Francisco.


And Bryan and Ashley in Muskegon.


And your dad and I at home.

Mark and I


Legend has it that if you toss a coin over your shoulder into the Trevi Fountain with your back turned like Corey and Chris and you and I did two summers ago, you will return to Rome. My birthday wish for you is that someday you can return with your own children because it’s such a special place.

Happy birthday, Kelly. You’re my favorite today.


P.S. Make a wish.



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