Our Guardian Angel

As Mark and I journey to California to visit Corey we are a little nervous about some obstacles we may face along the way. For instance, we are hoping to find family bathrooms along our route so Mark can help me because my hands are so weak that I am no longer able to pull my pants down or up.

Yesterday, on our first day on the road, we ran into a problem. We stopped at a McDonald’s hoping to find a family bathroom but there wasn’t one so I decided I could go by myself. Mark hasn’t trusted me to walk alone since my fall but I assured him I would be extra careful this time. When I got into the stall of the bathroom I discovered that I didn’t wear pants that were easy to pull down. And then I thought to myself that if I did get my pants down I wouldn’t be able to pull them back up again, so I aborted my idea of bravery and we left McDonald’s to look for another rest area down the road.

We traveled about 50 miles and finally found a rest stop and we thought we were golden until we went inside and found that there was no family restroom. We looked at each other and decided to ask a someone to watch the door while I went into the men’s restroom with Mark. But we never ended up asking because the men kept filing in and out so fast. We headed toward the women’s restroom hoping for a different result, so we stood at the door and a woman saw us peering in with a helpless look on our faces and she asked if she could help. We explained our situation and the woman smiled and said she helps her grandmother sometimes and would be happy to help me. She walked me into the restroom and brought me right into the stall while I did my business and after I washed my hands she walked me back to Mark. I asked what her name was and she said it was Angel. She was definitely our angel in that moment.

When we got back to the car and started back on the road I couldn’t help but think that good people are everywhere.

18 thoughts on “Our Guardian Angel

  1. Wow! That gives me goose bumps. I did wonder how you would face that obstacle, but I also know you two are so resourceful and Mark is such a wonderful husband it would come to be no obstacle at all. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story of an angel helping you. Love and Hugs….. Jill V.

  2. Thanks for sharing this very practical, challenging experience. Yes, it must have been an ANGEL who helped you! Our prayers & thoughts as you journey “west”…..and hopefully this will be a wonderful trip!! Love, prayers, thoughts & hugs!

  3. I agree with the Vicki Wagner, I could not have driven 50 miles and made it. I suspect that it was a “guardian angel” and it may have been presented to you in person form. You are such an “angel” Rosemary that I hope all the guardian angels get together to follow you on this trip to see Corey. So happy you are taking the trip.
    I was so impressed someone actually has a guide for such bathrooms because as a home health nurse we were always at the mercy of the ability to know these facts for survival. Some times we were pretty unlucky all together.
    I too know though the Targets have slipped with their upkeep of the toilets a bit. But, they do have family toilets all over the country. So, good luck on finding them to and from California. It is something we all need from spouses, to our children and grand children for the need to assist is so necessary.

  4. Rosemary here is a site that you can search for family bathrooms by location. Also they suggest theaters, museums and public places like that. I’m sure there are other sites, this is one I that came up and looked pretty good. http://www.findfamilyrestroom.com/aboutus.html
    Following your blog because it helps realize what people do on this journey and allows us to pray for specifics for you and your family.
    Cheryl Nicholson
    PS I know most Targets have their restroom at the front of the store and they have family bathrooms.

  5. Praying for your journey to filled with “many Angels” and wonderful adventures..I’m proud of you ! And love you more !

  6. Thank you for sharing such moments as these. A little kindness goes a long way. I know God is watching over you and I treasure being able to experience, through your blog, a portion of your journey. I appreciate the two of you sharing your time which I know is precious. This is a wonderful way to stay connected. Thank you and have a wonderful trip!

  7. Oh Rosemary – that did bring a tear to my eye too. Brought back memories of how my Dad used to help my Mom too when she struggled to manage on her own. Mark is a good caregiver – just like my Dad was. There really are so many good people in this world who are willing to help others out. Too sad that only the bad ones make the news these days!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip. I pray that things go smoothly and that you can enjoy your time on the road and with your son.

    Safe travels!

  8. Beautiful story as all of yours are. Also, reminded me how important it is to step up and help,….be someone’s angel. Sometimes even a smile is all someone needs. So we should all dust off our angel halo and wings! God Bless you on your trip.

  9. This gave me goose bumps – angels are everywhere! This lady doesn’t know how appropriate her name was. Bless her and you too. Have a safe and wonderful trip and I pray you find angels whenever and where ever you need them.

  10. I was hoping you would encounter some “Angels” along the route. Please don’t ever be afraid to ask. Even if the Angel” guarded the door and Mark went in to help you. Or ask an employee to guard the door. And I agree with the earlier comment, how could you wait 50 miles? I can hardly wait a block or two! Darlene

  11. Rosemary, the last few years of my Dad’s life my Mom had to help him in the bathroom too. They traveled back and forth to Florida in the Fall and the Spring, it is tricky, but you should be able to find family bathrooms along the way to CA. And if not, hopefully more Angels along the way too. Have a wonderful trip visiting Corey. We need to get together when you guys return! Love ya!

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