Aunt Lila


As Mark and I travel we can’t help but talk about our 91-year-old aunt.

About 14 years ago our very active and beautiful Aunt Lila had a stroke that affected the right side of her body leaving her unable to use her right arm and leg which is especially difficult because she’s right handed. But Aunt Lila didn’t give up. After her stroke she improved a little but not as much as we had all hoped for but she kept trying anyway. At the time of her stroke her husband Jean was alive and he was able to help her until he died in 2005. Together they built a handicap accessible condo. Today, with the help of her kids, she is able to live alone because she is brave. She cooks, bakes and still loves to entertain. Her mind is sharp and she remembers details. She is a joy to visit because she is so interesting and is always interested in others and she never complains.

One of the things that amazes me is she didn’t stop traveling even though she had to use a wheelchair. She traveled with grace. Even though my handicap issues are small at this point, I am in awe of people that don’t give up, people like Aunt Lila. She gives me strength to face my weaknesses and helps me appreciate the abilities I do have.

Thank you, Aunt Lila. You are my hero.



2 thoughts on “Aunt Lila

  1. I think your new nick name should be “Lila Rose”, because YOU have handled this condition with grace, YOU never give up and YOU have such strength and courage!

    You can tell you are related to Your Aunt Lila with such identical traits!

    You rock that vacation girl!
    Love, Sally

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