The New Mark and Rosemary


We are on Day Four of our road trip out west and I am finally starting to adjust mentally.

Last year, on a similar month-long road trip, we packed it full of hiking and walking because that is what Mark and I love to do. This year is a bit different and for the first two days I was dwelling on the things we won’t be able to do instead of being grateful for the things we can do. Then two things helped me realize how lucky we are.

The first thing happened when we stopped in Firestone, Colorado to have dinner with my college roommate JacLynn and her mom Marie. Marie was telling Mark and I about her life 21 years into her marriage to her husband Jack. Jack was in a motorcycle accident and died at the scene of the accident but then the paramedics revived him. After three months in the hospital Marie brought her husband home to care for him. Jack had brain damage but he was still alive and was able to eat food. Every three hours into the night Marie got up to move Jack so he wouldn’t develop bedsores. She loved and cared for her husband at home for four years. Marie needed to get a job to help support her household and her four children so she decided to put Jack in a nursing home near her home. Jack lived in the nursing home for another 19 years. I can’t even imagine living with that sort of commitment and love like Marie did for Jack and her family.

The second thing happened this morning while getting ready to get back on the road. I was crying because I was feeling sorry for myself because Mark has to help me with everything and he said to me, “Rosemary, please don’t cry. We have to start creating a new Mark and Rosemary.”

And he’s right. He has accepted his new role with so much grace and love and I need to do the same. I have a willing and loving husband just like Marie was to Jack, so now I have to try and relax and just enjoy the ride.



17 thoughts on “The New Mark and Rosemary

  1. To the new Rosemary and Mark-Peace be with you both! Enjoy your trip and safe travels. God bless you both.

    Barb and Tom

  2. I’m sitting here trying to say something profound and I have nothing. You say it all in your writings. God Bless…..
    Theresa Zahrt

  3. To the new Rosemary and Mark, I am in awe of the way you have chosen to live this difficult time of your lives. You are an inspiration to all who know you. I am so thankful to be one of those. With loving thoughts, Marie Vealey

  4. Rosemary,

    We both have saints for husbands! :) I have said that about Earl for many years. When I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 23 years ago our lives changed in a big way. We also had been very active and busy people. I was suddenly unable to do many things that Earl had to start doing. Emily was only one year old and I could barely pick her up. Matthew was three and full of energy. I was in so much pain. Earl just quietly started taking over household chores and child care that we used to share. I appreciate all that he did over those years while we were trying to find the right combination of meds for me. I feel so much better now, Praise God! You and I have been Blessed with wonderful husbands. Thank you for your story…it has reminded me how much I cherished the husband God brought to me.

    Pam Geiger

  5. To the new Rosemary & Mark ! Enjoy your trip, enjoy the small things as well as the large and most of all, relax and enjoy the ride… You two are amazing….Love you !!!!

  6. My husband just read this and said, “He must be a helluva nice guy.” I nodded my head as he said, “They both are.” Here’s to the new Mark and Rosemary! Cheers!

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