The Live Simple, Love Like Crazy Party


One of my best friends Colleen Paquin asked if she could host a Live Simple, Love Like Crazy party for me, but I was a little hesitant. I love seeing my friends but not necessarily when the party is about me. Anyway, I finally agreed to her generous offer and I’m glad I did. Colleen and her husband Greg hosted a beautiful party at their home. The weather was perfect and most of our friends from Muskegon Catholic Central came to celebrate.


One of the best things Mark and I have learned from Colleen and Greg is that they love life like crazy. They are both so accepting and adaptable to different situations and people.

One of the reasons I love Colleen so much is because she loves people like I do. When our kids were growing up together she would host parties after football games and she would invite everyone. She would reach out to the new families in the school to invite them so they could meet other families and feel welcome in their new school.

One of the reasons I love Greg is because he tries not to let an important moment go by without acknowledging it. The day Kelly married Chris, Mark received a text from Greg acknowledging this special day. Greg has learned some major life lessons growing up. He had three sisters who all passed away at a young age. Two of Greg’s sisters died from cystic fibrosis and the other lost her life in a car accident. Losing his three beautiful sisters was so sad but Greg vowed to live life with joy. He doesn’t let a single day go by without realizing the amazing things he has in his life.

Colleen and Greg do live simple. In fact, Colleen is a perfect example of getting rid of unnecessary stuff in her house. I’ve learned some great organizational skills from her. A few years ago she got rid of her daughter Becca’s adorable dance costumes and I asked her how she was able to part with them and she said, “I have pictures.”


Dear Colleen, Greg and all who attended the party,

Thank you for bringing such joy and happiness into our lives. We are so grateful to have met you and your wonderful families. I feel as if we are one big happy family. Thank you for a great Live Simple, Love Like Crazy party.

We love you all.

Mark and Rosemary



5 thoughts on “The Live Simple, Love Like Crazy Party

  1. I agree Rosemary. Thanks for putting into the written word how we all feel about our friends Greg and Colleen. They have the gift of true friendship of which we all benefit.

  2. What a wonderful gift that party was. Wish we could do another from all of us who know and love you from St Mike’s School. You touched so many lives there too. Love you Rosemary and your family too!

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