Comforting Words From A Friend


My friend Liz Zagar sent me a beautiful note last week with words that gave me enormous comfort.


I pray that as this disease progresses you are able to stay strong spiritually and trust that God has something even better in mind for you. Know that His love for you is far greater than any human love, and that no matter the sorrow that those on earth will one day have, God will take care of them because He has a special place prepared for you and would not call you to Him if He didn’t already have them covered.

Please, please let me know if there is anything Joe and I can do for you. We want to help.

Liz Zagar

This is just what I needed to hear after my ALS clinic day. Thank you, Liz.


One thought on “Comforting Words From A Friend

  1. What a great friend to encourage you. God is our comforter and friend. He will watch over you everyday. You are in my thoughts and prayers Rosemary. Keep your eyes on Him. He will never leave your or forsake you.

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