Look For The Pink Mustache


During Corey’s visit home in July he accepted a job as the Office Experience Manager with a San Francisco-based startup company called Lyft. Mark and I had never heard of Lyft before but have since learned that it’s a company that provides rides similar to a taxi service, except that the entire experience is handled by an app on your smartphone, which makes it very convenient.

While we were in San Francisco visiting Corey last week we had the opportunity to try Lyft and it ended up being so easy and convenient that we used it to get everywhere. With my weakened legs and the fact that mass transportation was several blocks away from our Airbnb, the door-to-door service that Lyft provided worked great.

The actual Lyft riding experience was very positive and we learned a lot about the business by engaging with our drivers. Without exception, the drivers were very excited about their jobs. They seemed most happy with the pay and flexibility and the fact that they are basically their own boss. Even though Lyft has some strict requirements as far as the condition and cleanliness of a drivers’ car is concerned, most of the drivers have gone beyond what is required and created their own theme to make their passenger experience unique. Some cars offered candy or snacks for their riders, one of our drivers had a handicap accessible van and several asked about our music preference when we got into their car. Although we didn’t get to ride in them, Corey said there’s a photobooth Lyft, a disco Lyft and even a Lyft car painted with chalkboard paint so passengers can write messages on it after their ride. We did not experience a single rude or negative driver, but instead met some incredible people. Also, I don’t think we waited for more than five minutes for our ride to show up any of the times we requested one.


Lyft’s trademark is a pink fuzzy mustache, which started as a joke, but has since become a great marketing tool. You can easily spot your Lyft car as it approaches because it will have a huge, pink and fuzzy mustache attached to the grill.


Corey invited us to tour the new Lyft office where we met his co-workers and had catered lunch. When we got back to our Airbnb after our office tour, a beautiful bouquet of flowers was sitting on our doorstep from Corey’s co-workers with a note welcoming us to San Francisco and thanking us for our son.


Next time you are in a major city and need a ride, download the app and see if there’s a Lyft driver nearby. Who knows, you may just meet your next best friend.


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