The Evolution of the Chairiot


My beautiful Chairiot is complete and ready for the trails!

Chip and Colleen VanderWier know how much Mark and I love hiking in the woods, so Chip took the initiative to get The Chairiot Project going. Without a word to anyone, Chip set up a website to get funding for the project and started brainstorming. As you can see, very quickly the project moved from an idea to a prototype and then onto a chair very well suited for the trails we enjoy so much.




The Chairiot was customized with an umbrella so I can hike come rain or shine, cup holders so I can bring wine and a mirror so I can give Mark dirty looks if he’s going too fast. Also included is a backpack with a few tools for making adjustments to the chair while we’re out in the woods. The backpack will also be handy for carrying extra jackets, snacks and other essentials.

This wonderful project took place because Chip and Colleen are so amazing and knowledgeable. Chip is very creative and skilled and Colleen is a physical therapist so she provided suggestions specifically for me like extra safety straps to help support my body and my neck as I get weaker.

Thank you Chip, Colleen and the many generous people who contributed to this gift. I will continue to enjoy the beautiful landscapes long after my legs go. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough to explain what my heart feels right now, but I will treasure this gift forever.

15 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Chairiot

  1. You are blessed with an army of angels Rosemary. You have been a great role model and its like a gift that just keeps on giving. Kudos to your friends and all the contributions. Happy trails to you………………………. Jill V.

  2. This is an amazing ride for a marvelous woman. The wheels are just spectacular. Prototype to creation of a super ride. So thankful for your friend Rosemary to have such ingenuity.
    Wishing God’s Blessings and Love, Jeannie

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