Patti and Luz’s Wedding


Last December Mark’s sister Patti shared a beautiful secret with us. She told Mark and I that she and her longtime partner Luz were getting married. We were surprised but even more so we were excited to see this beautiful couple finally tie the knot. Patti was so cute and tried to hide her excitement about the news but she was smiling the whole time she was telling us. She was acting as though she had just met Luz and fell in love with him for the first time. Patti said we had to keep the wedding a secret because Luz preferred to quietly go to the courthouse and get married in a private ceremony. Patti was so happy to be marrying the love of her life that she respected Luz’s decision to keep it quiet.

IMG_5718 (1)

The day of the wedding turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. While Patti and I were at the salon getting her hair styled, Luz called saying he changed his mind and would like to invite a few more guests that were special to Patti, since this was her first wedding. We all met at the courthouse to witness the union of two wonderful people.

IMG_5725 (1)

After 33 years together, on December 4, 2012 Patti Lambert became Patti Gonzalez and Luz officially became our brother. Unofficially, he always was.


2 thoughts on “Patti and Luz’s Wedding

  1. Thank you for the wonderful blog post Rosemary. It was a wonderful day and it was made even more special by the small group of special people that were there on such short notice. We love you all!

  2. Thanks Rosemary for sharing the story of a very special day for a very beautiful couple. We were so honored and proud to share and witness the marriage of Patti and Luz. We love you guys!

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