Tight Top Procedure


I have what is commonly referred to as “Frozen Shoulder.” Last July I started losing mobility in my right shoulder because the muscles in my right arm are getting so weak. It’s gotten to the point that in the last few months I’ve had difficulty putting on my shirts, so Mark is helping me.

To put most of my shirts on, Mark employs what he calls the “Tight Top Procedure.” When I want to wear a top that is difficult to put on he says to me, “I think we’re gonna have to use the Tight Top Procedure for this shirt.” We then proceed to put my frozen shoulder arm in first, then my head and then lastly my left arm. It works great every time.

I guess the moral of this post is that there’s a remedy for everything.


3 thoughts on “Tight Top Procedure

  1. I love this picture. It shows the love and happiness that ooooz out of both of you. Are you sure Mark doesn’t have an alternative motive for taking these steps to prolong the procedure. I’m sure he has a great view…………….. lol JV

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