Autumn Walks


For me walking in the woods with people I love makes my world happy and peaceful. Within the past two weeks Mark and I have been able to get out for three nice long walks in the woods with three different couples that we love.

Chris and Kelly were able to sneak in a hike with Mark and I near Lost Lake while the trees were still very colorful and full of beauty.


Thais and her husband Paulo traveled from Brazil to visit us last week. Thais has been a great gift to our family and we love her like our own.


And our good friends Dave and Jan Harris joined us for an afternoon hike to Lost Lake as well.


I’m anxious to use my Chairiot, but I want to walk in these woods for as long as I can.


6 thoughts on “Autumn Walks

  1. Jan the background view looks like this part of Texas. I have been walking this week it is so perfect this time of year! I miss you guys.

  2. I love your hiking stories. You have inspired me to start doing this with my family. Thanks Rosemary.
    Prayers to you!
    Molly Sieolinga

  3. Rosemary you inspire me to be a better person daily when I read your blogs. I am sitting here down in FLA missing my grandson and having a lil bit of a pity party. Then I read your message today and it truly does make me feel better. You’ve got such a positive outlook and it inspires to get over myself and carry on with my business at hand, and my life down here in FLA for now. You are truly gift to us all……thank you so much for your positive energy. Hugs girlie…….keep on keeping on ……

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