Love Hurts


Thanksgiving is over and all of our traveling family has gone home and it hurts. It hurts because I love them all so deeply. It hurts because our visits aren’t frequent enough and time is precious.

I catch Mark looking at me with a warm smile and his adoring eyes. Chad tries to make jokes because he wants to see me smile or laugh. Kelly selflessly stays by my side and anticipates my needs or wants. Corey worries but listens intently to me as if he is recording my words in his mind. Bryan smiles and is ready to help in seconds. Ashley, Chris, Bevan and Devin lovingly and patiently watch our family as we navigate this uncharted territory. And Cole and Peyton seem to adjust effortlessly as they live in the now and enjoy the love that surrounds them.

We’re all so different but we all have one thing in common and that one thing is this incredible love that hurts sometimes.


6 thoughts on “Love Hurts

  1. The comments posted above say it all. Thanks to all of Rosemary’s many friends who love and support her and her family. “Have Peace and Know That I Am God”…..

  2. What a great looking family you have Rosemary! This photo is so cool…I am with Vic- You are my inspiration also to be my best and to enjoy the moment that I am in. You have shown me how quickly your life can change…but more importantly how to live and love everyday! I hope and pray you have a great holiday season this year! XXX Chris

  3. My heart goes out to all of you, all of you. How our Holidays take different shapes and meanings as life changes. Having Ed almost leaving us twice with such serious medical issues and then this Holiday being the first without my mom. I just feel for all of you. Thoughts and prayers and so glad you were all able to be together and have each others strengths and love.

  4. Jesus, who IS LOVE, loved us all so much that He spent time in the garden hurting for us; time walking the via de la rosa hurting for us, and three agonizing hours on the cross hurting for us, not to mention the mental hurts he felt ahead of time, knowing his dearest friends would (all but one) abandon Him in His greatest time of need. But, because of His hurts, we were saved of our sins and heaven was opened to us. Join your hurts with His and yours will feel a lot lighter, Rosemary. Feel His love for your family an friends. Love, Liz

  5. Rosemary I can actually feel your emotion as you write this today. I cannot imagine what it would like if I were in your shoes. I don’t think that I would handle this situation with the dignity, grace, and strength that you are exhibiting. I am sure that you have your moments and a lot of them at that. But know that you are loved by so many people. Your family is a shinning example to us all with the way they have rallied around you and Mark in just being there for emotional support as well as helping you both with your daily activities. My heart goes out to you during this emotional time and I pray for you constantly. You are my inspiration in putting my best foot forward every day. I give thanks to the Lord for you and your beautifully written words that you are kind enough to share with all of us on daily basis. Much love and hugs girlie.

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