A Snowy Hike

IMG_2424 (1)

This year Thanksgiving weekend was full of wonderful activities.

On Friday we all went for a hike to our tree with Karen Gardner and the Paquins. Mark tried to push me in the Chairiot but the snow on the trail was too deep so we decided to walk instead. The trees were covered in snow and the journey was breathtaking.


Our son-in-law Chris had to carry Tucker because the snow was too deep for his little legs.


Our grandson Peyton loved throwing snowballs and giggled everytime someone threw one back.


Cole was soaked by the time we got back to the car but it didn’t matter. He was having way too much fun.


We also ran into Chip and Colleen VanderWier’s family while making our way through the trails.


The Paquin family tied ribbons on our tree. Kurtis wanted to tie his ribbon near the top to match Bryan and Corey’s, so his brother Jake gave him a boost.

IMG_2472 (1)

And of course we took a family picture of the Paquins even though their oldest son Zach wasn’t able to make it.

IMG_2493 (1)

We also took a picture of our family which included Karen who joined us for the afternoon.


1 thought on “A Snowy Hike

  1. Hi Rosemary,
    For some reason the pictures of your grandsons playing in the snow reminded me of putting our wool mittens on the radiator (and the smell!) in Mr. Walcott’s room after we had been out for recess. What a strong memory that is. It also reminded me that many of us would put bread wrappers over our socks before putting our boots on. Geez. :) Thanksgiving looked like a wonderful weekend of family, fun and love. Sorry I didn’t get to you on Wednesday. Will see you next time. Love, Sue

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