Beautiful Friendship


Mark and I have gained so many wonderful friends because of our kids. Our oldest son Chad met Ron Ferguson in 11th grade at Muskegon Catholic Central High School and they became best friends. Chad and Ron’s friendship endured after high school even though they’ve lived more than 1,000 miles apart for the past 10 years. Ron and his wife Sara have three beautiful sons and they treat Chad’s sons like they are family. It is so nice to see these two young families come together with their own kids even though distance and busy lives try to keep them apart.


Because of Chad and Ron’s friendship we have been blessed beyond belief with the incredible love of Ron’s whole family who we lovingly call The Fergie Bunch. We have celebrated almost every Christmas Eve together for more than 15 years.


The Ferguson family gifted us with a beautiful anniversary quilt that included a lot of our old and new pictures of our family. Ron’s mom Jeannie asked a talented friend of hers Cindy Vogel to make this beautiful masterpiece. The front of the quilt is purple and the back is bright orange. I am in awe of people that can create a beautiful quilt like this.



Thank you for being part of our family and for giving us this beautiful heirloom quilt. We will treasure it for many generations.

We love you all.



4 thoughts on “Beautiful Friendship

  1. Rosemary, what an excellent gift and it is from the heart. I too make quilts, or should I say I am learning everyday about quilts. I love it and to me it is relaxing and I love picking out the colors of the material and then coming up with a pattern for the giftee. A lot of love, thought, and patience goes into every stitch and every piece of material. It is with love and devotion that anyone who quilts takes the time to make such wonderful and beautiful gifts! I know you have enjoyed this lovely quilt and the pictures that help to make it yours.

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