Christmas Love Is All We Need


My Christmas wish for everyone this year is to live simple and love like crazy.

I haven’t always lived simply. I used to pack too much into my schedule with things that didn’t matter, especially at Christmastime. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to do some of the things that really mattered like spending more quality time with the people I loved.

When our kids were young, my sisters and I had a cookie exchange tradition. We would each choose two different cookies to bake, meet on a certain date and exchange them. My sisters are all fantastic bakers but I am not and hated spending my time baking. One night I was stressed out because my cookies weren’t complete and the due date for the cookie exchange was near. I was whining to Mark, actually crying to him, and he asked me why I was  involved in this cookie exchange knowing how much I disliked baking. I thought about it and finally realized that I needed to drop it from my to-do list. The next year I bought cookies from my sister Joan because I didn’t want to miss out on the Beckman sisters’ cookies and I was much happier.

Sometimes we do things, especially at Christmastime, because we feel obligated, guilty or think it is a Christmas tradition that we can’t break. After years of being totally exhausted on Christmas morning I finally realized that I needed to simplify my to-do list during the holidays in order to enjoy them. Ever since I changed my focus to more meaningful things instead of meaningless tasks, my  Christmas celebrations have been awesome. If I have time to send out Christmas cards that’s great but now my main focus is enjoying this beautiful holiday season with the people I love.

This Christmas is going to be extra special because the only thing I will be focusing on is soaking up all the love around me and hoping to give as much love to others as I am receiving.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Love Is All We Need

  1. I have really enjoyed your posts Rosemary. You certainly have helped to put things in perspective for me. May you continue to find the good in everything around you.

  2. Wishing you and your family a blessed .Merry Christmas ! Soak up all that love…. and just like you say, Live simple and Love like crazy….My continued prayers are with you and your family. May God’s blessing be with you through out the Holiday season and into the New Year!

  3. Yes! You are spot on. For various reasons our decorating is greatly pared down this year. We have lots of good things going on in our life so it isn’t a bad thing, but we have decided this just isn’t going to be the year of the lights at the Bennett house. And that is just fine. Thank you for putting it all in perspective as seen through Rosemary colored glasses. Much love being sent to the Lambert family.

  4. Your message is so true and very meaningful. I had my stroke 17yrs ago (due to excessive high BP) and at that time my, “to do List” was unbelievable! It happened 2 wks before Christmas & it certainly made me realize that my “to do list” really wasn’t that important! Your message today is so true. I only hope that all who read it will fully understand what you said. Love Ellie

  5. Very well said…… simplifying your life does have it’s rewards. I am glad that you are getting your rewards as they very WELL DESERVED!!!! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas. Please know that you and your family are my thoughts always and prayers too……(((((hugs)))))) girlie.

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