Dear Cole and Peyton

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Dear Cole and Peyton,

I’m writing this letter with a huge smile on my face because I love you boys so much. I am excited for your futures because you will learn and experience so much cool stuff in your lifetime. I hope you see the world as your playground and explore it with wondering eyes.

I hope you meet and love all types of people because they can teach you so much and you never know where you’ll find your next best friend.

I hope you experience homesickness and are able to adapt. Homesickness is not a bad thing, it means you have people at home that you love, but you have to learn patience and adaptability before you get to see them again. It also means you are doing something out of your comfort zone which will help you learn about yourself and grow from your experience. Your dad experienced homesickness while he was an exchange student in Brazil but he also experienced the love of another family from a different country. Your dad learned that unconditional love is in the same language wherever you travel and learned that every family does things a little differently but those differences are not wrong.

Cole and Peyton, please keep your heart open but use your common sense when trusting people. Love hurts sometimes but it is so worth it to love deeply.

Giggle and laugh as much as you can because it feels so good. Work hard for your dreams but mix fun in too because balance in your life is a good thing.

Watch and learn from others as much as you can. My friends and family teach me so much every day and I am amazed. I’m so glad you both like to read because books can take you wherever you want to go.

You both are great listeners which is a gift. Please try to always be a great listener.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask your grandpa, aunts and uncles for advice or help because they all love you two so much and would do anything for you. Plus they have experienced so many cool things and would love to share them with you.

One last thing, boys. Please don’t make material things high on your priority list. Make family, friends and experiences tops because they are everlasting.

I love you both so much and will always be with you.

Cole and Peyton, you both are my favorites.




4 thoughts on “Dear Cole and Peyton

  1. Rosemary…you have a way with words that touches all of us. So glad to have you are a part of our lives. Family is so important and for all of us knowing you and loving you is a blessing. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness and most importantly…your love. Love you, Mark, and your family like nothing else in the world. Ellie & Don

  2. Beautiful letter Rosemary. You didn’t leave anything out. All life lessons you have learned along the way. My favorite line is the advice to be a good listener. It truly is a gift and one of your greatest qualities. You have always been an awesome listener and we have all appreciated that at one time or another. JV

  3. Weeping at the beauty of your sentiments and wisdom Rosemary…….Cole and Peyton are lucking to have such wonderful Grandma like you.

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