Dear Baby Ufnal

Baby Ufnal

Dear Baby Ufnal,

As of right now you are due to arrive on Valentine’s Day, a day already dedicated to love, but we can hardly wait to hold you and kiss you.

Your parents are really cool and you will love them a lot. In fact, you are one of the lucky children in our world because you will always have a lot of love and support surrounding you but also you will be gifted with many comforts that other kids your age will not have. Please never take these comforts for granted because good nutritious food, a comfortable home and clothing are a luxury in many parts of our world.

You are so lucky to have parents that will protect you the best way they know how. They’ll also push back on you sometimes which may seem a little bit overprotective, but this makes you lucky, too. Baby Ufnal, it is important that you make a few mistakes so that you all can learn from them. Mistakes provide some of the best lessons in life even although they may be hard for you and your parents.

Please giggle your whole life because it can create a great atmosphere in your home. If you ever do something mischievous but it is cute, smile sweetly so your parents can capture it by taking a picture rather than getting mad at you.

Learn something every day and explore your world like it is a new adventure. Dig in the dirt and have fun in the rain but do it on purpose and love every minute of it and maybe invite your mom and dad to join your silly fun. You will learn a lot about yourself and your parents, too.

I told your cousins Cole and Peyton to never be afraid to count on your Grandpa, aunts and uncles because they love to play in the dirt and dance in the rain, too.

As I watch your momma’s belly move as you reposition yourself, I smile because I know you will have such a great life.

I love you so much and will always be with you.

Baby Ufnal, you are my favorite.



P.S.  When you get older please make sure you watch the movie “The Family Stone” because this beautiful picture of your mom reminds me of that movie.


4 thoughts on “Dear Baby Ufnal

  1. What a fabulous picture! Kelly, you are absolutely beautiful, both inside and out!
    Thank you Rosemary, for sharing your beautiful daughter and the love of your unborn granchild with us. Hugs to all, Amy

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