A Christmas Eve Tradition

IMG_0535Christmas 2

Christmas Eve is our family’s favorite night of the year.

About 18 years ago my sister Deb and I wanted to spice up Christmas Eve so we decided to have a party and invite friends and family members who didn’t have anything going on. Before the party we all attend the children’s mass at Prince of Peace and then we head home and start the party. It began as a few families and last year we celebrated with 60 people and had so much fun. I think our last guest left at 2:00am on Christmas morning.

Hackley Holt

This year is the Neinas family’s turn to host the party and we will be breaking in their new home in downtown Muskegon. Deb and her husband Steve bought a big beautiful historical house called the Hackley-Holt House which will be a perfect place to host our party. Every year the party has grown to be more comfortable because our family and friends are getting to know one another so well.

Neinas  Family

As I look back on those 18 years I think about how our parents used to attend but are now deceased. I think about how young our own children were and how they’re now grown, independent adults with children of their own. Every year our party looks a little bit different but it’s always full of love and good cheer.


10 thoughts on “A Christmas Eve Tradition

  1. Blessed Christmas, Rosemary & Mark, Chad, Kelly, Corey, & Brian, and all the “in-laws” and best friends/ and gracious, extended family!! We pray for a delightful Christmas Day, and the beginning of the 12 days of Christmas!!!
    With love from The Sirotko Family, both our Muskegon County families,
    and those located in Ft. Lauderdale, and in Atlanta!!!

  2. Merry Christmas Rosemary, my daughters & their families are so looking forward to Christmas Eve with you and your family. Love & Blessings !!!

  3. I still remember your entire family at the Children’s mass at POP…..I thought it was so special how close all of you were to one another. Very moments! Merry Christmas to you all :)

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