Angie’s Gift


Last October I receive a thoughtful email from my beautiful friend Angie Tindall.


I know your love for photography and know you have many pictures. Have you ever considered doing a video with them as a gift to your family? If so, I’d love to help you put one together.



I immediately responded, “Angie, yes! I would love your help creating a video for my family.”

Angie and I both love to take lots of pictures and we’re lucky to each have nice cameras. Angie visited me a few times over the month of November to gather my thoughts about the video and to collect photos and she went to her home in Grand Rapids to create her masterpiece.


A few days before Christmas Angie and her boyfriend Rick came to our house bearing beautifully wrapped presents to give to our kids. We viewed the video right away and it was so precious seeing our family pictures float across the TV in perfect rhythm to the music. The picture video included some of our favorite songs and some of Angie’s favorites, too.

Angie has offered to help me create another video but this one will include even more pictures. This video will include pictures of our family and friends to be shown at my funeral.



Thank you for your precious gift.

We love you.

The Lambert Family


3 thoughts on “Angie’s Gift

  1. Is she for hire? I have so many photos I would love to do this with. Cool chicks have cool friends! Thinking and praying for you daily! X Chris

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