Breaking Bread With New Friends


One of my favorite things to do with family and friends is to enjoy each other’s company during a meal, preferably with candles and soft music playing in the background.

While visiting Chad and Devin in Texas, Devin’s parents, Bob and Marianne, invited us over for dinner. We weren’t expecting such a wonderful greeting but they blew Mark and I away with so much love and kindness. From the minute we pulled into their driveway Bob greeted us outside and Marianne was waiting at the door with heartfelt hugs. We sat down to get to know one another and their biggest concern was our comfort.


Bob and Marianne prepared a delicious meal and we sat down to a beautiful family dinner with the lights dimmed and candles burning. Devin’s two kids, Skye and Blake, and our two grandsons, Cole and Peyton, were very much a part of our interesting dinner conversation. We all laughed together as we talked about our favorite Disney movies and past puking experiences. Luckily the puking conversation started after everyone had finished eating and may not have been the perfect subject to talk about at the dinner table but the kids were definitely engaged and happy to share their individual experiences.


After dinner we celebrated Blake’s 14th birthday with a cookie cake and ice cream. Mark and I truly enjoyed our time together with Chad and Cole and Peyton’s new family. We felt so comfortable and now Devin’s family feels like our family.

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