As you can imagine (or know first hand), modesty goes out the window when someone is sick or handicapped. Well, I have always been pretty modest but I knew that I would have to get over my modesty sooner than later because uncomfortable situations were creeping up on me due to my disabilities.

One day Kelly took me to the bathroom and I went #2 (sorry for the gross description) and I wasn’t able to reach to wipe myself so I apologized to her saying, “Kelly, I’m so sorry you have to wipe me.”  Kelly, being a nurse, responded with, “Mom, I’ve wiped asses for a living and believe me, yours is not so bad.”


I am so glad we can find humor in uncomfortable situations.

I love you.



4 thoughts on “Modesty

  1. I once was in a yearly case conference with a new boss. The boss interrupted and said ” Until I sat with nurses I never talked about bowel movements with every conversation containing the words!”
    The 40 +years nurses thought it hilarious. As a nurse the whole process is so natural that I believe we shock people. It is a natural state of things. Plus, just think if you were in Europe it would be a larger focus. Activities of daily living is the medical terminology for it. We will all need help there at one time or another. The stories I could tell with my hip surgery would raise eyebrows. But, I always bring humor to it. Just like you have done. That is what gets us through all the “messy necessities” of life.
    Love you, Jeannie
    And after our children I have very little modesty left. I am also a huge advocate for breast feeding given to a child and the rest of the people’s needs are secondary.

  2. Rosemary ~ God bless all the “ass wipers”. As you know with my parents’ situation, our family is well versed. I love you girl friend. Love, Cindy

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