The Dash


If you’ve never read The Dash Poem written by Linda Ellis, you should. Linda Ellis wrote a beautiful poem about what the dash represents in a person’s life between the year they were born and  the year they died.

I first heard about The Dash Poem at  Kenneth Leroy Harris’ funeral in 2007. Ken’s son Dave Harris painted a beautiful picture of his dad’s life between the years 1928 and 2007. I really didn’t know Ken Harris before I attended his funeral but wished I had based on the story David told about him. It sounded like Ken Harris’ dash was fulfilling.

Ever since David gave that great Eulogy at his father’s funeral I’ve thought about what I want my dash to be like. I want my dash to be:

1956 – “She was generous, kind and she loved abundantly.” – 20??


2 thoughts on “The Dash

  1. Rosemary, I’ve only known you for a minute out of all your dash represents, but if I were limited to 8 words to describe you these seem perfect. Thank you for your steady reminders to love abundantly!

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