My Solo Trip To Baltimore


The spring before Mark and I were married I drove to Baltimore where Mark was stationed in the Navy to visit him. Mark wanted his car and we needed to find an apartment that we could move into in November after we were married.

I left Muskegon and stopped in Ypsilanti to stay with my brother Mick at Eastern Michigan University. I thought staying with Mick would cut some time out of my drive to Baltimore and I loved spending time with my brother.

I left Mick early the next day anxious to get to Baltimore to see Mark. I was driving through the mountains about half way through the trip when a trucker guy got my attention. He passed me and then I passed him until finally he somehow makes me understand that he is inviting me to stop to get a cup of coffee at a truck stop. I thought he looked nice enough and why not, so I stopped. I don’t remember what the trucker guy’s name was or what we talked about but we drank our coffee and went on our way.

When I arrived in Baltimore and told Mark about my new trucker friend he wasn’t thrilled but I didn’t see anything wrong with what I had done because he was a nice guy.

Needless to say, I guess I was a little naive at age 21 and Mark was thrilled that I was flying home instead of driving.


6 thoughts on “My Solo Trip To Baltimore

  1. Great story, Rosemary! And I agree with Jill … soooooo YOU! BTW, either I am just plain getting old, or Mark was way too young to be in the navy or get married, based on that darling photo.

  2. You truly were naive and lucky to tell the tale. Not passing judgment because times just seemed to be like that, friendly.
    Loved the story and truly am with Mark that he had your best interest at heart. Next time we talk in person I will tell you my story on the subject.

  3. Now that is such a cute story…….you’re lucky the truck driver was nice……I am sure Mark was just worried about you. Mark looks great in this picture. I never knew that he was in the Navy…..There is something about a man in uniform isn’t there……hugs and love girlie :)

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