Bryan’s Crazy Idea


A few years ago Bryan and I were sitting in my car outside of Superior Monument waiting for Aunt Terry to show up. Aunt Terry wanted Bryan and I to help her pick out a gravestone for her partner Sandy Hornik who had just passed away.

While we were waiting Bryan and I started talking about funerals so I asked him what he wanted his funeral to look like and he said he wanted a celebration and not the usual visitation. He said he wanted a party the day before his afternoon funeral. I asked him why he wanted an afternoon funeral and he said, “If my friends and family drink too much at the party they won’t want to get up early for a morning funeral.” He went on to say, “At my pre-funeral celebration if anyone wants to say something nice about me they have to take a shot.”

We laughed about Bryan’s crazy idea but ever since our conversation I’ve thought about it and I love it. In fact, I love Bryan’s idea so much it’s exactly what I intend to do at my own funeral.


9 thoughts on “Bryan’s Crazy Idea

  1. Makes me remember talking Father into letting the organist play the ‘Beer Barrel Polka’ at my mom’s service. Our family is becoming trend setters. Since you have written often about how you love Family Wine Time…..maybe have of little of that, also. Always in my thoughts and prayers, Darlene

  2. I love the idea Rosemary.However, if everyone is going to be required to take a shot before they something nice about you, there is not enough alcohol available in the world today to comply with the demand. I will contact the liquor Czar and request that they significantly ramp up production on all forms of alcohol. This may even cause a run on alcohol around the world. Consider this your attempt to stimulate the economy, similar to the cash for clunkers. We can title this the “raise your glass for Rosemary” stimulus program. I’m all in, but take your time because the people that love you the most can wait.

  3. My dear mother passed away last month. As per her request we threw a Bon Voyage party in lieu of a funeral. She always always threw a great party and always always showed up to any party she was invited to. Needless to say the weather was horrible but a Full house just the same. RIP Mom

  4. Bryan and your idea of a funeral are how a funeral should be. I haven’t had a shot ~~well in forever with medication. I imagine it would be like Blind Date the movie. If you haven’t seen that movie it is so funny that you need too. Kim Bassinger and Bruce Willis star.
    Some of the things I love about reading your blog Rosemary is your ability to talk about any and everything and bring humor as well as your family doing it along with you. As always your family is just so heart-warming and endearing~~
    just like you.

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