Mark’s Many Names


In our family we have many names for Mark, like Fetch because he’s always fetching tissues for our crying eyes and runny noses.

When our kids were little our friend Marcy Hunter called him Mr. Mom because he was so efficient around the house and so good with the kids.

By now you probably realize I do very little on my own these days and I rely on Mark for just about everything, including doing my hair and makeup, so I’ve given Mark a new nickname, Vidal as in Vidal Sassoon, the British hairdresser.

When Mark first started to put on my makeup I asked him to curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler before putting on my mascara. He picked up the eyelash curler and said, “This looks like a medieval torture device.” After a few attempts at curling my lashes we aborted the device and just used mascara.


Last month while we were in Florida my sister-in-law Vicki sent our kids the above picture of Mark and I. Kelly quickly sent a text to Mark saying, “You seriously need to reevaluate Mom’s blush.” Vicki laughed and replied, “Your Mom’s blush doesn’t look as strong in person as it does in this picture, honest.” Kelly asked Mark if he saw the picture that Vicki sent to the kids and he laughed and replied, “That picture made it look like your mom is cutting teeth.”

If you ever see me out in public and I look like Mimi from the The Drew Carey Show, please discretely pull me aside and fix my makeup.


10 thoughts on “Mark’s Many Names

  1. I think Mark is doing a wonderful application process too. He is a step ahead of me. Darci keeps saying she wants to do mine, especially when she says ~~ You aren’t wearing any make-up. My response of “Oh” is standard.

  2. That picture of you two looks like the shopping area in Marco Island FL. I think i have sat on that bench … and i do believe in the much loved person having many names.

  3. I’ve always thought so highly of Mark and you Rosemary as well as your entire family. Your kids are testament to the wonderful example they have had in you and Mark as parents. God Bless Mark for his kindness, patience and his smile. He always has a smile. Love ya girlie :)

  4. Your sense of humor is priceless! The Mimi reference seriously made me laugh out loud at my desk! I’m sure you know all of us following your story would be honored to discreetly pull you aside and fix your Mimi hair or makeup…

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