What Was God Thinking?


On Sunday after seeing our friend Nancy Bourdo at church I received a text from her that said, “To all…..WHAT WAS GOD THINKING?? i love you all!”

Yesterday I was thinking the same thing as Nancy: What was God thinking? I absolutely loved my life prior to ALS and always felt my mission was to love and bring joy to others. Now all I seem to do is bring sorrow to the people I love the most. My poor brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews feel so helpless and are trying so hard to make me smile.

I think maybe God wants us all to realize and see the amazing love that each person is capable of and how much power we each possess to make life and family gatherings fun and meaningful.


Today my world is much happier because Chad is visiting from Dallas and yesterday we had a wonderful afternoon chatting. And Baby Ufnal is due to arrive today.

I’m so grateful that my world is good again.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

7 thoughts on “What Was God Thinking?

  1. Happy valentines Rosemary. Although you already have the gift of your grandson. You need to know you are a gift to all of us who love you …

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  2. Dear Rosemary and Mark,
    With life, we only are able to “live one day at a time.” We cannot predict what will happen even “tomorrow.” Your BLOG is testimony for each of us to “savor the moment.”
    Thank you for sharing your inmost thoughts, feelings, and insights! We all are learning from you, Mark, and the family. “Hello” to Chad!
    Praying for Kelly & Chris as they approach a new “mystery-of-life”….!!

  3. Rosemary, while we share the sorrow your family is feeling, from a fairly recent acquaintance’s perspective, you need to know that you bring WAY more than that. Through your stories and thoughts, you are a daily example of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (I would be dropping countless more f-bombs…I don’t know how you hold back). I hadn’t intended to go all fruit-of-the-spirit on you, but they all fit! Thank you for sharing yourself…all of it.

  4. Happy Valentines Day Rosemary! Enjoy your day and just go one day at a time. We are all Blessed to have you as a friend !! Much love Vickie Nowak

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