Sharing Gum

Deb (1)

Lately I’ve been chewing a lot of gum because I have a constant tickle in my throat that causes me to cough and gum keeps me swallowing which prevents me from coughing so much.

My sister Deb was over last week and we started sharing childhood stories with one another and the memory of our gum-sharing experience surfaced. Deb is two years younger than I am so we shared almost everything as children; a room, clothes, friends, toys and gum. Deb always chewed her gum softly so the flavor always stayed in it and I always chewed my gum briskly and the gum quickly became flavorless. Since Deb’s gum always had plenty of flavor, for some odd reason she would trade her already chewed gum with me. I know it sounds gross but it wasn’t to us. We’d even save our already chewed gum on our bedposts for weeks and chew it daily before throwing it away.

Kelly is grossed out by gum. Being a nurse she doesn’t really get grossed out by much but when one of her brothers would put their gum on the side of their dinner plate growing up, she would freak out.

I’ll bet now that she has Harrison she’ll probably be able to handle a little chewed gum now and then.


6 thoughts on “Sharing Gum

  1. Rosemary, we did the same with our gum placing it on our headboard at night, picking it up first thing the next morning and start chewing even before our feet hit the floor. Oh yes, sharing gum with the brothers was an event as well!
    You, Mark and your family are my daily inspiration and “God moments”
    Thank you for sharing the Good, bad, & ugly. Your journey is a tough one that you soften with your open heart & soul. Love like crazy,
    Sandy (Holcomb) Rindfusz

  2. Oh, Rosemary. You make me laugh. Hope that does your soul as much good as it does mine! BTW, I think you’re right about Kelly.

  3. No. No she won’t. Thank you Kelly for letting me know that I am not the only one who cannot stand gum. It’s the grossest thing ever. I’d rather smell cigarette smoke. Gum haters of the world unite!!

  4. My mom grew up during the depression and they couldn’t afford gum so they would pick tar off the street and chew that. Yuck.

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