Typing is getting so difficult for me now but I have so many more thoughts and stories I want to share. In addition to my weak arms and hands and my curling fingers, my speech is getting worse, but I’m not willing to stop writing.

This week I found myself searching for my Rosemary-colored glasses more than ever before. But I’m determined to find them because I want the rest of my life to be beautiful and I’m not willing to give up because there’s so much beauty around me if I just open my eyes and let it in.


9 thoughts on “Searching

  1. Your words are so inspiring, so beautiful to all who read your blog. I pray for you each day. You are a remarkable woman who gives much love to her family, friends, and even those you rarely see. May God bless you with strength and happiness always.

  2. What a precious little blessing….and I am praying you don’t misplace your “Rosemary-colored glasses” , you truly are a blessing and give to each and everyone of us that have the honor of reading your blog… Praying for you always and God Bless.

  3. Love you…thinking of you….
    Love this picture of Harrison…
    Kiss him like crazy!
    I too shall soon have another grand baby in April
    …another c-section…
    Your cap n gown brought back memories…..
    So special ;)

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