Diane Ness’ Humor


Diane Ness Birkley, one of my best friends from high school, moved to Chicago after she graduated from Michigan State University. I called Diane my smart, sophisticated high school friend because she was always using big words, reading thick books and listening to classical music. She also made me laugh a lot because she has a great sense of humor.

After college some of my high school friends and I traveled to Chicago one weekend to visit Diane at her home in the Windy City. Once again my sophisticated friend Diane introduced me to two new things in the short time we visited her. The first thing was a fancy toilet called a bidet, which she had in her house. The second thing was a fancy breakfast cocktail made with champaign and orange juice called a mimosa.

Diane’s love for Muskegon never stopped, so she and her husband Alan bought a summer home here to be close to Diane’s family and friends. Diane exposed her son Andrew to sailing lessons on Muskegon Lake and swimming in Lake Michigan.


Distance and busy lives separated Diane and I for many years until a few years ago when we had a small reunion with our classmates Barb Nelson and Kristi Fagan. This past year I’ve seen Diane quite a bit. The last time she brought donuts from Wesco. Witty Diane tells her Chicago friends that in Muskegon “we get our donuts from the fillin’ station.”



Thank you for always making me laugh.

I love you.



2 thoughts on “Diane Ness’ Humor

  1. Rosemary,
    I had just finished composing you an email- proposing some ‘ filling’ station food, drink and chit/chat…. I then checked your blog for my daily dose of
    Rosemary inspiration- alas, I see my very own- little, round face staring back at me. You just keep on giving- your lovely, kind words mean so much- we all just want to help you and make your days better and brighter- as you have always done and continue to do for those countless folks that you call friend. I will continue to selfishly hope that you have the strength to impart your intelligence, kindness and grace to your many followers! Every day I eagerly anticipate and always enjoy your stories, wit, and wisdom! Thank you for your frankness in the face of illness, your courage and guidance and most of all-your friendship!

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