Another ALS Milestone


At 6:30 tomorrow morning I will hit another major ALS milestone; I’m getting a feeding tube inserted into my stomach. The reason I am getting a feeding tube is because it takes a lot of time and effort to eat because my throat muscles are getting weaker and swallowing is getting increasingly difficult for me. I’m not nervous about the surgery because everyone we’ve talked to say it’s a piece of cake.

I’m lucky because I just found out that our good friend Rose Emmons will be our nurse on the day of the surgery. Rose wasn’t originally scheduled to work but volunteered just so she could be at the hospital to care for and support us.


The good thing about the feeding tube is that I can save my energy for eating the foods I want to eat like ice cream, chocolate and cheesecake.


16 thoughts on “Another ALS Milestone

  1. Rosemary you are such a special friend. I’m so glad to have met you and receive your strength through your example! Happy Easter!

  2. Dear Rosemary,
    You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, especially during these milestones. Wishing you all the best with this. Your pragmatic optimism is deeply inspiring. BIG hugs from SF! -Mark & Jose’

  3. God has you in His care. It’s not a piece of cake, but it is not that bad of a surgery. You will be fine. We drove from Muskegon to Grand Rapids and then drove home afterwards. I just had my surgery for feeding tube on Feb 27th. I usually have at least 2, maybe 3 tube feedings a day. But with the Bullet, my husband and family are able to puree to the right consistency for me to eat favorite foods…like Pizza Ranch BBQ thin crust pizza. I diagnosed myself 2 years before I could find a doctor to diagnose me with ALS. I was to the point of not being able to talk very good or eat very well. So much for Muskegon. Love everything at Mary Free Bed ALS Clinic. We use mostly all organic food and baby food to make my feeding tube formula. Praying for your speedy recovery after your feeding tube surgery. God bless you.

    My daughter-in-law found this book I found very helpful. The name of the book is Prayers and Promises…when facing a life-threatening illness. 30 Short Morning and Evening Reflections by Ed Dobson.

    Hugs…Nancy Vallier-Flannery

  4. sending love your way Rosemary. Those Rosemary colored glasses are still working! hugs and prayers. Suzie Woodward

  5. God bless you Rosemary as you take this next step. God’s presence, his peace and his power will see you through. Prayers are being sent your way daily.

  6. Rosemary our thoughts and prayers are surrounding you with this next step. You are a very brave lady, but no doubt with the love and support of your family and friends this will be a piece of cake.

  7. Your attitude is incredible and inspiring- praying for the easiest procedure possible tomorrow. Sending ice cream, chocolate and cheesecake thoughts your way!

  8. Good Luck on the Surgery Rosemary! I’ll be sending prayers and strength. Love Ya, Deb Hyde!

    Deborah L. Hyde
    Customer Service Supervisor You can either live your life as if nothing is a miracle or
    as if everything is” -Albert Einstein
    Gerber Life Insurance Company

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